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Run For Office - Candidate/Campaign Information

Political Campaign Calendar

The New York State Board of Elections sets the Political Calendar for each Political Cycle 


Candidates running for office, must pass petitions in Broome County (except Democrats running for Town of Kirkwood offices).


  • There are three types of petitions passed for ballot access:  Party Designating, Independent Nominating and Opportunity to Ballot Petitions.  

  • There is a separate petition passing and filing window for each type of petition (see Political Calendar above for dates).   

  • Specific information on each type of petition and a sample of each is available in the Running For Office Book Online.


Broome County has elected officials from Federal, State, County, Local Municipalities (City, Towns, and Villages).

Campaign Information 

Here are some basic Candidate and Campaign guidelines for those running in Broome County. 

  • All campaigns (now of any size) are required to register and file with the Campaign Finance arm of the New York State Board of Elections.

  • Contribution Limits are based on Voter Enrollment.

  • Each Municipality in Broome County has its own rules for Political Lawn Signs.

Running For Office Book

The Broome County Board of Elections puts together a yearly book of important information, statistics and forms for running for office.  

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