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The Broome County Board of Elections is committed to an open, fair, and honest election process.  If you are considering a run for office, this site gives you a quick look at some of the things you will need to know, file, and do to get on the ballot. 


We'll start with Broome County's current officials and the offices that are up for election this cycle.

Running For Office Book

Our Running For Office Book is a one stop on the go book of all the basics needed for what it takes to run for political office.

Calendar of Events

Each year, New York State creates a Political Calendar with all the election dates, enrollment and filing deadlines, and we add some local pieces.  Click to see the full calendar - available online or to download.


There are minimum signature requirements to get on the ballot - click for those numbers by party for each  district/town.

Contribution Limits

When fundraising for political office, there are limits to what a person can donate to one's election efforts.  It is based on voter enrollment and here are the 2019 limits per district/office type.

Local/State Political Parties

If you plan to run on a line of an established party, reach out to a representative of that party.  Click for contact information for each local/state party/chair. 

Lawn Sign Requirements

Here are placement rules and size limitations of political signs for each municipality in Broome County.

The Law / Duties of Elected Officials 

Learn the Law - Constitutions, Charter, Handbooks - plus a look at the general duties of Elected Officials.

Office Requirements

Click the bar below for a quick look at the general requirements to hold offices from local to federal.

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