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Request A Ballot

Deadline to request an Early Mail or Absentee Ballot online or by mail for the November 5th General Election is October 26th.

Ballot Status Check...

  • Trying to find out the status of your Early Mail or Absentee Application or Ballot?  View the Ballot Status Check


There are multiple types of ballots a voter can apply for a ballot by mail in Broome County/ New York State:

Early Mail Ballots

Any registered voter can apply for a Early Mail Ballot for an upcoming election:

Absentee Ballots

Voters can request an Absentee Ballot with a qualifying excuse - absence, caretaker, temporary or permanent illness or disability, incarceration or special ballot reason - for a single election, calendar year or permanent basis:


Military, Federal or UOCAVA Ballots

Any absent Uniformed Service Members, their families or U.S. citizens currently outside the United States; including military members, students abroad, expatriates and their families. 


Accessible Ballots

Only voters with a print disability (such as blindness, dysgraphia or physical limitation to writing) that interferes with the effective reading, writing or use of printed material and require a ballot with accessible features should apply.


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