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New Poll Inspectors

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a Board of Elections (BOE) Poll Inspector. It is civic-minded individuals like yourself that assist the BOE with protecting the franchise of voting while putting on fair and secure elections for the voters of Broome County.

New York State Election Law requires that you attend an annual training class and complete a certification test to work the elections. The BOE has developed an instructional manual, training class and test to ensure you’ll meet that requirement and retain the extensive knowledge and security measures necessary to carry out fair and secure elections at all levels


Online Poll Inspector Training Classes

The updated 2022 Poll Inspector Training Manual is now available online, click the binders to view.

Classes are three hours in length, so consider bringing water or something to drink with you. These are paid instructional sessions and payment of $25 for attending class and passing the test will be sent in December.  Below is the New Poll Inspector Training Class schedule, click the "SIGNUP" button and complete your class reservation.

Upcoming In-Person Poll Inspector Training Classes

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