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Broome County Board of Elections

The Broome County Board of Elections, in its present structure, was created in 1954 to manage and maintain the County's voter registry, its record of public officials, and to certify and publish election results.  In 1995, through consolidation, it became responsible for administering all other aspects of elections operations as it conducts national, state, county, city, town, and some local village elections for nearly 140,000 Active & Inactive Voters within Broome County.

Official Seal of Broome County, New York
  • Voter registration, Outreach and Processing

  • Maintain/Update Voter records and roles

  • Processing/Verification of local Candidate Petitions

  • Recruit, Train and Assign Poll Inspectors 

  • Operate Poll Site locations

  • Program, Maintain, Secure and Deploy all Voting Machines 

  • Ensure each Voter their Right to Vote in person or by absentee

  • Canvassing and Certification of Elections

Our Board is presided over by two Commissioners, voted on by their respective party committees, then recommended to and appointed by the Broome County Legislature. 


The office consists of a bi-partisan staff of Deputy Commissioners, Technology Coordinators, Operation Assistants, and Voter Service Specialists tasked with fulfilling the responsibilities mandated by New York State Election Law:

Board of Election Blog

Board of Election staff will pass along important news and information on our Blog.

Calendar of Events

A political calendar with NYS and Broome County election dates, deadlines and filing information. 

Contact Us!

If you cannot find the answer you're looking for on our website or you'd like further information or help - contact the BOE directly, our staff will try to assist you anyway we can.

Office / Hours of Operation

The Board of Elections is located on the 2nd Floor of the Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building:


Governmental Plaza

60 Hawley St

Binghamton, NY 13901.

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm*


*5:00pm on days with Election/Filing Deadlines

Election Pictures

Follow some of our favorite election moments - in the office, at the polls, or behind the scenes at the election warehouse.  It's Photo-tastic! 

The People of the BOE

Broome County's bipartisan Board of Election staff:

     Democratic Staff                Republican Staff

Recent Years of the Board in Review

L-R: Justin MacGregor, Donna Donnelly, Sam Mandizha, Lasandra Herman, Barbara Daly, Kelcy Wickman, Karen Davis, Oliver N. Blaise III, Karl Bernhardsen, Christina Dutko, Phil Grommet

L-R: Sam Mandizha, Lydia Schlesiger, Kelcy Wickman, Sean Dolan, Karen Davis, Barbara Daly, Justin MacGregor, Donna Donnelly, Lasandra Herman, June O'Keefe, Joe Arra, Christina Dutko

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