Voter Information Center

Check Your Voter Information

Check your registration status and voter information.  Once you know how you're registered, if you need to update any information, do so thru the Registration tab. 

Voter Registration

To register to vote or to update any information on your voter registration.

Poll Site List

A complete list of Broome County Poll Sites with addresses - sorted by Town & Election District.

Sample Ballots

All of the Sample Ballots for the County available by district - this is a quick and easy way to look at your ballot or any ballot across Broome County.

Who Does What?

Do you wonder what our elected officials are responsible for, what duties they perform, or even what the law really is?   


Click below to find some answers, and learn more about the true power of your vote!

Candidates / Petitions

Once you know your voter registration information you can easily see who is running to represent you.   Here is a list of those seeking office in Broome County.

Election Technology

Broome County utilizes Electronic Poll Books and voting ballot scanners.  Easy, Accessible, and SECURE Voting Systems.