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Poll Inspector Image Thank you for interest in working with us during the 2017 Elections:

GENERAL - Tuesday November 7, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Board of Elections training class schedule and signup. Training will once again occur at our Training Center - RAMP Warehouse (1 N. Floral Ave, Binghamton,13905), we're offering three-hour certification classes, with each on a first come-first served basis.

To signup, click the link below. Select a class, and complete the accompanying form providing a valid email address and phone number. Once you've completed your signup, you will receive a confirmation email.

Training Class Sign Up New York State Election Law requires that all Poll Inspectors must attend a yearly
training class and pass an exam for certification to work on election days!

You will be paid $25.00 for attending class with a passing grade, which is mailed out in mid-December. If you do not take class, you will not be able to work any election. Don’t forget to bring your Training Manual to class with you – if you have not yet received one you will be provided one upon arrival.

If you are scheduled to work: you will be mailed an appointment letter 3 weeks prior to the election informing you in which Election District/Poll Site you will be working. There are two types of Poll Workers - Inspectors and Chairpersons. Inspectors are compensated $11.00/hour and each election district has a Chairperson who receives $12.00/hour for working on Election day.

Poll Inspector ApplicationPOLL INSPECTOR APPLICATION - all inspectors must complete this form yearly, as it contains your oath of office and becomes part of your official record. Click the Application button opening the PDF file, print it, complete it, sign it, and bring it to your class with you or send it in to the Board of Elections.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that you’ll be appointed to work, or be assigned to the same Poll Site as in previous years, though we do our best at being fair and accommodating.