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Broome County is pushing the awareness of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day!

Did you know it takes more than 600 people to fully staff Broome County Poll Sites and Early Voting Centers for an election?

The Board of Elections is trying to find more workers ahead of this November's Local General Elections and next springs' Presidential Primaries.

Press Release - Broome Needs More Poll Workers
National Poll Worker Recruitment Day Press Release

Download PDF • 239KB

Come be a Broome County Board of Elections (BOE) Poll Inspector and be on the front line of democracy. Training signups are now available for returning and NEW classes.

If you have worked with the BOE before, you can sign up for Inspector Training

If you are new or have not been to a class since prior to the COVID pandemic, you should sign up for a NEW Inspector Training Class.

There are Primary Elections for the following voters in Broome County:

Democratic Voters (Town of Vestal)

Republican Voters (Countywide)

Click the sample ballots image to view the Primary Election Sample Ballots.

There are no Primary Elections for Democratic voters outside of Vestal,

nor any Conservative Party or Working Families Party voters countywide.

Polls are open on Primary Day, Tuesday, June 27th from 6am-9pm.

Poll Site information is available HERE.

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