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The Board of Election's canvassing and counting of valid outstanding Absentee ballots and any valid Affidavit Ballots from the State/Local Primary on Monday, July 1st at 10am.

This event is open to the public!

Canvassing will occur in the Board of Elections Auditorium, 2nd floor of the Edward L. Crawford County Office Building, Governmental Plaza at 60 Hawley Street in Downtown Binghamton.

Updated: Jun 25

The Broome County Board of Elections will be utilizing poll site consolidation for the very limited June 25th State/Local Primary Election for Republicans & Conservatives ONLY.

This is a result of the limited number of eligible voters and the BOE's desire to to limit the tax payer expense.

There are NO Democratic or Working Families Primaries countywide and NO primaries of any party in the towns of Barker, Binghamton, Chenango, Colesville, Conklin, Dickinson, Lisle, Maine, Nanticoke, Triangle, Union or Vestal.

This is the list of LIMITED Republican and Conservative Primaries:

Republican Primaries:

  • Fenton - Highway Superintendent

    • Randy Neil Ritter

    • Toby Root Minoia

  • Sanford - Town Clerk

    • Alison Lang

    • Deborah D. Proffitt

  • Windsor - Town Supervisor

    • Daniel H Colwell

    • Tim Harting

Conservative Primaries:

  • County Legislator, 2nd District

    • Scott D. Baker

    • Carolyn Price

  • Windsor - Town Council

    • Debra J. Thomas

    • Opportunity to Ballot (Write-In)

If you'd like to see your party's sample ballot visit the Sample Ballot page.

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