The New York State Board of Elections certified Federal and State Candidates on Wednesday September 9th and the Broome County Board of Elections certified County and Local candidates on Thursday, September 10th ahead of the 2020 November General Election.

Thirty-nine different ballot styles were then programmed over the weekend and completed on Monday to cover each of Broome County's 141 Election Districts.

Accessible-friendly sample ballot images will be posted on Monday, September 21st at

Below is the list of the offices, candidates, and the party lines as they will appear on the General Election ballot.

The Governor of New York signed Executive Order 202.58, which among other things instructed Boards of Elections to mail Voter Information Cards - these cards, mailed on September 8th had to include six points of mandated voting information.

The Front of the Post Card:

The Back of the Post Card:

Broome County has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths in the past week.

Please remember to continue to be diligent during these unusual times. Wear a mask for others and they'll wear one for you! Wear a Mask, Stop the Spread, Save Lives!

Together, we can all help keep Broome County safe and OPEN for business!

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