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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The Broome County Board of Elections will be conducting Primary and a Special Election on Tuesday, August 23rd.

There is a countywide Democratic Congressional Primary in the new 19th Congressional District between Josh Riley and Jamie Cheney. In the 52nd State Senatorial District (including the city of Binghamton and towns of Binghamton, Chenango, Dickinson, Lisle, Maine, Nanticoke, Union and Vestal) there will also be a Democratic Primary between Leslie Danks-Burke and Lea Webb.

There is a Republican Primary in the 51st State Senatorial District (including ONLY the towns of Barker, Colesville, Conklin, Fenton, Kirkwood, Sanford and Windsor) between Terry Bernardo and Peter Oberacker.

With Antonio Delgado becoming Lt Governor, there is a Special Election to fill his 19th Congressional District seat through December 31st. Sanford voters of any political affiliation in the old Sanford Election Districts 2 & 3 are the only voters eligible to vote in the Special Election between Democratic and Working Families endorsed Pat Ryan and Republican and Conservative endorsed Marcus Molinaro.

Poll Site Consolidation will be utilized for August 23rd, to view open sites, see a full list at

The Broome County Board of Elections will be utilizing poll site consolidation for the August 23rd Primary & Special Election (APSE22).

Consolidation is a result of the BOE's desire to limit the tax payer expense as Court Ordered State Redistricting caused two primary elections this summer.

Please note, if you do not know your REDISTRICTED election district you can view your voter information and consolidated poll site with our Lookup Tool.

Highlighted poll sites indicate location change since the June 28th Primary Election.

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The Broome County Board of Elections has posted its results on the Results Page

Unofficial Results from Election Night include Early Voting, all Absentee Ballots received prior to Primary Day, and all Primary Day machine votes.

UPDATE - the results from all valid Affidavits cast on Election Day and Absentee Ballots received timely have been counted and included in the results. Which were audited, canvassed and have been certified by the Board of Elections.

These and other Certified Election Results can be found on our Election Data page.

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