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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

With last week's State & Local Primary having come and gone, a lot of questions were asked about New York's primaries.

New York State leaves whether a Primary is Closed, Open, or Modified to it's eight recognized parties.

  • Closed Primaries - open only to party members: Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Green, Working Families, and Women's Equality Parties

  • Modified Primaries - open to party members and other exceptions: Independence & Reform Parties

  • Open Primaries - open to anyone of any party: None

When people ask about New York's Closed Primaries, I often use this sports comparison when explaining the closed primaries. When a sports team needs to choose their team captain, which are often looked to for leadership, for morale, and to represent the team with referees during the contests; a team doesn't let their opposition choose their captain, they know who best represents them and they choose their own team leader. That's what party members do with a closed primary - they choose their representative in the General Election.

in the State's Modified Primaries, the Independence Party allows unaffiliated voters to participate in their statewide elections, but all other district and local primaries are closed. in New York State's smallest party, the Reform Party, they currently open all of their primaries to Reform Party members and ALL unaffiliated voters.

So for most of New York State's parties and primary contests, you must be enrolled in the party holding the primary in order to participate. When it comes to Federal races, like President, New York is one of 14 closed primary states. Of the rest of the states, 11 states have open primaries, 12 states have modified primaries, and 13 hold caucuses instead of primaries.

Polls for the State & Local Primary Election closed at 9pm and we have Unofficial Results available on our website,

Countywide Races:

On the Democratic Line; Governor Andrew M. Cuomo defeated Cynthia E. Nixon, statewide and 58%-42% in Broome County; Lieutenant Governor Kathy C. Hochul beat Jumaane Williams statewide and 60%-39% within Broome; and in the four-way Attorney General race Letitia A. James won statewide, but in Broome County, Sean Patrick Maloney lead the way with 44% of the vote, followed by Zephyr Teachout 36%, James 16%, and Leecia Eve 4%.

On the Reform Line: For the Attorney General race, Nancy B. Sliwa 36%, Mike Diederich 31%, and Christopher B Garvey 23%.

Full County Results:

Overview of Results -

Results by Election District -

ALL Broome County Poll Site locations WILL be open on Primary Day from Noon-9pm!

The following primaries will be taking place in Broome County on Thursday, September 13th:

Democratic Party Primaries:

  • Countywide - Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General

  • Town of Maine - 124th Member of Assembly

  • Town of Binghamton - Councilman

  • Town of Union - Supervisor

Republican Party Primaries:

  • 122nd Assembly District - Assembly Member

  • (Towns of Barker, Binghamton, Chenango, Colesville, Conklin, Dickinson, Fenton, Kirkwood, Lisle Maine, Nanticoke, Sanford, Triangle, Windsor, Union)

  • Town of Binghamton - Supervisor

  • Town of Chenango - Supervisor, Councilman

  • Town of Fenton - Supervisor, Councilman

  • Town of Nanticoke - Supervisor

  • Town of Union - Supervisor

Independence Party Primaries:

  • Town of Union - Councilman

  • County Legislative District 8* - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot

  • County Legislative District 11^ - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot

  • Village of Johnson City - Trustee, Opportunity to Ballot

*(ED's - Town of Union 27-36, 38)

^(ED's - City of Binghamton 13, 14, 20 & Town of Union 13, 15-18, 39)

Green Party Primaries:

  • Village of Johnson City - Trustee, Opportunity to Ballot

Reform Party Primaries: (Open Primary for Reform Party & Unaffiliated Voters)

  • Countywide - Attorney General

  • County Legislative District 2* - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot

  • City Council District 2^ - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot

*(ED's - Towns of Kirkwood 2-4, Sanford 1-3, Windsor 1-5)

^(ED's - City of Binghamton 13-17, 20)

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