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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

If you are seeking to change your political party affiliation to be eligible to vote in one of the upcoming Primary Elections (Presidential Primary 4/28 or State/Local/Federal Primary 6/23) the deadline to do so by 5pm on Friday, February 14th.

New York State is a closed primary state, meaning you must be enrolled in the party holding the primary to participate in said primary.

To check your voter registration and party affiliation, visit

To change the party affiliation you are enrolled, go to

Please note, for the change to occur ahead of the primary elections, forms MUST be in the Board of Elections office and timestamped by 5pm on Friday, February 14th.

  • When utilizing the US Mail Service allow time for delivery to arrive by Friday, 2/14

  • If using the DMV Online Portal know the deadline is Thursday 2/13 as file transmission to our office is next day.

  • Only wait until Friday 2/14, if you plan to hand deliver your completed form or make the change in person at our office.



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