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New York is Accessible

Your Broome County Board of Elections provides voters with Accessible Absentee Voting...


                    Click for an Accessible Absentee Ballot Application  


Our Accessible Absentee Application form may be used by any voter who is visually impaired or otherwise disabled and that such disability prevents such person from being able to independently cast a paper absentee ballot, without travelling to our office or a poll site to use a ballot marking device during this unprecedented time of COVID-19.

Your application for an Accessible Absentee Ballot may be delivered to the Board by any means permissible under existing Executive Orders or statute as applicable to other absentee applications – including E-Mail, Fax, U.S. Postal Service and by in-person delivery.

Any application for an Accessible Absentee Ballot must be RECEIVED by the Board of Elections no later than 15 days prior to an election.  This is the same time frame for any voter making a request for an Absentee Ballot.

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