Town of Union Vacancies

Earlier this month, the Town of Union Clerk Gail Springer announced she is retiring.  On Wednesday (7/26), during a special meeting, the Town of Union Board accepted the resignation of Councilman Leonard J Perfetti and then appointed him as Town of Union Clerk effective Saturday, July 29th, the retirement date of Clerk Springer.   

Since the vacancies were created (and the Clerk position filled by appointment), both the Clerk and Councilman positions will now be up for election as unexpired terms and appear on the November 7th General Election ballot.   Political Parties have until September 19th to file certificates of nomination for candidates to fill these vacancies under New York State Election Law 6-116, and 6-158(6).  

  • Town of Union Clerk - Unexpired
  • Town of Union Councilman - Unexpired