School Elections & Budget Vote

Voters of all twelve of Broome County's public school districts went to the polls on Tuesday, May 16th.  Across New York State, 99% of budgets were approved, of the five failing to do so, three required a higher 60% voter threshold to override their tax caps.  No districts in Broome County sought such an increase, countywide results are as follows:

Binghamton City School District

Budget proposition ($115,859,659):

Yes: 939

No: 188

Board of education (elect THREE):

Joseph Gasior: 685

Penelope Harper: 763

Richard Gillespie: 590

Jennifer Royce: 392

John Weaver: 660


Chenango Forks Central School District 

Proposition one ($35,022,521 budget):

Yes: 147

No: 38

Proposition two (capital reserve fund):

Yes: 136

No: 47

Board of Education (elect ONE): 

 Amy O’Brien: 157


Chenango Valley Central School District

Budget proposition:

Yes: 467  

No: 72

Fenton Free library proposition:

Yes: 476

No: 63

Bus purchase proposition:

Yes: 468

No: 70

Board of Education (elect TWO): 

Christine Lomonaco: 436

John Hussar: 307

Jennifer Perney: 299

Deposit Central School District

Proposition one ($15,899,689 budget):

Yes: 167 

No: 36 

Proposition two (school bus purchase):

Yes: 159

No: 44

Board of Education (elect TWO):

Julie Martin: 152

John Lanner: 130


Harpursville Central School District

Budget proposition:

Yes: 212

No: 55

Board of Education (elect TWO):

Joseph Burns (incumbent): 121

Amy Livermore-Kappauf: 145


Johnson City Central School District

Proposition one ($54,007,539 budget):

Yes: 402

No: 171

Transportation proposition (school bus purchase):

Yes: 400

No: 172

Board of Education (elect TWO):

Richard Martinez: 445

Nicholas Matyas: 485


Maine-Endwell Central School District 

Budget proposition ($51,290,970):

Yes: 772

No: 174

Bus purchase proposition:

Yes: 754

No: 194

Board of Education (elect TWO):

Vicky Williams: 587

Jamie Bernard: 609


Susquehanna Valley Central School District

Proposition one ($38,584,919 budget):

Yes: 308

No: 40

School bus purchase proposition:

Yes: 304

No: 43

Board of Education (elect TWO):

Mary Haskell: 309

Kelly Howe: 258


Union-Endicott Central School District

Proposition one ($81,345,530 budget):

Yes: 845

No: 193

Proposition two (The purchasing of new school buses):

Yes: 859

No: 173

Board of Education (elect ONE):

James Truillo: 777

Joe Zurine (incumbent): 254


Vestal Central School District

Proposition one ($76,193,466 budget):

Yes: 1,042

No: 184

Proposition two (bus purchase):

Yes: 944

No: 229

Board of Education candidates elected:

Tony Turnbull: 948

Sylvia Place: 983

Linda Daino: 979

Proposition three (public library budget):

Yes: 936

No: 252

Library Trustee elected (elect ONE):

Janine Taft: 878


Whitney Point Central School District 

Budget proposition ($35,088,746):

Yes: 240

No: 132

Bus proposition:

Yes: 247

No: 123

Board of Education (elect THREE):

Stephanie Champney: 251

Kathleen Driscoll: 265

Thomas Tasber: 265


Windsor Central School District

Budget proposition ($38,286,973 budget): 

Yes: 281

No: 48

The Board of Education (elect THREE): 

Rhea Deyo: 253

Kathy Swezey: 251

Carin Shaffer: 248