Halfway through Petition Season

Here we are, on June 16th, just about halfway through Petition Season.  You may have been visited by now by friendly volunteers carrying clipboards and asking you to help their candidates get on the ballot.

Please remember that to sign is not to pledge a vote, and that the petitioners are volunteers out beating the pavement for their candidates.  If you don't want to sign, you don't have to.   Please be polite to these civic-minded people.  

Without these petition signatures, candidates can't get on the ballot for you to vote in or out.

We've got just a couple more weeks of the season left, as petitions must be turned in between July 6th and 9th this year.

So please be kind, sign if you wish or decline politely.  The volunteers mean you no harm. 

For more information about how many signatures are required to get on the ballot, please click below.

Petition Signature Requirements

Have a great week!

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