County-Wide Election Night Results

Here's a breakdown of the County-Wide Election Night Results.  These results are unofficial - we will not be able to certify this election until after November 17th, when we will be finished receiving military ballots.


In the 52nd Senate District, Fred Akshar defeated Barbara Fiala.  You may have noticed that we are reporting 140 of 141 districts in that race.  The issue there is that the district is deemed reported if the software finds a number greater than zero in the first field in the results table.  In Sanford 1, Barbara Fiala received 0 votes, so the software thinks it was unreported.  However, Fred Akshar recieved 15 total votes in Sanford 1, so we know that ED was indeed reported.

For County Judge - Kevin Dooley beat Christian Root.  Not much to report on this one.  

The Broome County District Attorney race is a close one.  On the machines, Steve Cornwell has more votes than Gerald Mollen. We'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

I will do a write up on the smaller races, including City Council, tomorrow.  


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