Here is a list of current Elected Officials:

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City / Village / Town Offices

City of Binghamton
Office Currently Held By Party
Mayor Richard C. David Republican
City Judge Carol Cocchiola Republican
City Judge William C. Pelella Democrat
City Judge Daniel Seiden Democrat
City Councilman-01 Giovanni P. Scaringi Republican
City Councilman-02 Vacant ---
City Councilman-03 Dani J. Cronce Democrat
City Councilman-04 Conrad S. Taylor Democrat
City Councilman-05 Chris Papastrat Republican
City Councilman-06 John Matzo Republican
City Councilman-07 Tom Scanlon Republican
Village of Endicott
Office Currently Held By Party
Village Mayor John R. Bertoni Democrat
Village Justice Theo J. Totolis Democrat
Village Trustee David H. Baker Democrat
Village Trustee Cheryl A. Chapman Democrat
Village Trustee Lawrence W. Coppola Democrat
Village Trustee Eileen Konecny Democrat
Village of Johnson City
Office Currently Held By Party
Village Mayor Gregory W. Deemie Republican
Village Justice Gregory P. Thomas Republican
Village Trustee Richard P. Balles Republican
Village Trustee John Walker Republican
Village Trustee Clark Giblin Republican
Village Trustee Bruce King Republican
Village of Port Dickinson
Office Currently Held By Party
Village Mayor Kevin M. Burke Republican
Village Trustee Robert T. Aagre Republican
Village Trustee Michael Cashman Republican
Village Trustee Jim Degennaro Republican
Village Trustee Charles Harding Democrat
Village of Windsor
Office Currently Held By Party
Village Mayor Ronald Harting Republican
Village Trustee James W Miller Republican
Village Trustee Eileen M. Shelp-Olmstead Democrat
Village Trustee Thomas M. Skinner Democrat
Village Trustee Robert E. West Jr Republican
Town of Barker
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Lois Wiser Dilworth Republican
Town Clerk Julie ScottRepublican
Town Justice Edward A. Beecher Republican
Town Councilman Terry Dean Republican
Town Councilman Henry C. Dedrick Republican
Town Councilman Tonya M Ellerson Republican
Town Councilman Christopher P. Smith Republican
Superintendent of Highways David Allen Mackey Republican
Assessor Ronald A. Flanders Republican
Assessor Robert L. Pinner Republican
Assessor Carole Poklemba Republican
Town of Binghamton
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Timothy P. Whitesell Republican
Town Clerk Vickie Conklin Republican
Town Justice Kristin Luce Republican
Town Councilman Victoria L. Xlander Democrat
Town Councilman Norman B. Cline Republican
Town Councilman Elizabeth A. Rounds Republican
Town Councilman Nancy L. Yezzi Republican
Superintendent of Highways Michael K. Donahue Republican
Tax Collector James W. Zeck Democrat
Town of Chenango
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Hal Snopek Republican
Town Clerk Lizanne Tiesi-Korinek Republican
Town Justice Michael A. Fedish Republican
Town Justice Wendy Hoffmaster Scott Republican
Town Councilman James Dimascio Republican
Town Councilman Russell J. Hemedinger Republican
Town Councilman Gene Hulbert Jr. Republican
Town Councilman Terry J. Kellogg Republican
Superintendent of Highways Michael Kwartler Republican
Tax Collector Nancy Beach-Schnurbusch Republican
Town of Colesville
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Glenn S. Winsor Republican
Town Clerk Tomi Stewart Republican
Town Justice Paul E. Powell Republican
Town Councilman Gordon Carroll Republican
Town Councilman Michael F. Olin Republican
Town Councilman Douglas R. Rhodes Republican
Town Councilman Gary J Cower Republican
Superintendent of Highways James P. Bulger Jr Republican
Assessor Robert H. Demarmels Republican
Assessor James W. Vanwoert Republican
Assessor Ronald C. Young Republican
Town of Conklin
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor William C Dumian Jr Republican
Town Clerk Sherrie Jacobs Democrat
Town Justice Beth L Marshall Democrat - filling vacancy, unexpired term
Town Councilman Dell A. Boyle Republican
Town Councilman Willis M Platt Democrat
Town Councilman William Farley Independent
Town Councilman Chuck Francisco Republican
Superintendent of Highways Brian Coddington Republican
Town of Dickinson
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Michael Marinaccio Republican
Town Clerk Susan M. Cerretani Republican
Town Justice Thomas Cline Democrat
Town Justice Patrick J. Doyle Republican
Town Councilman Danny F. Morabito Democrat
Town Councilman Thomas J. Burns Republican
Town Councilman Sharon M. Exley Republican
Town Councilman Stephen M. Gardner Republican
Superintendent of Highways Joel Kie Republican
Town of Fenton
Office Currently Held By Party>
Town Supervisor David C. Hamlin Republican
Town Clerk Melodie A. Bowersox Republican
Town Justice Ambrose P. Madden Republican
Town Councilman Gary J. Holcomb Republican
Town Councilman Michael P. Husar Republican
Town Councilman Thomas E Moss Republican
Town Councilman Richard E. Pray Republican
Superintendent of Highways Randy N Ritter Republican
Town of Kirkwood
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Gordon E. Kniffen Republican
Town Clerk Gayle M. Diffendorf Republican
Town Justice Ward E. Coe Republican
Town Justice Jeffrey J Hawkes Democrat
Town Councilman Robert Weingartner Democrat
Town Councilman Linda J. Yonchuk Democrat
Town Councilman William J. Diffendorf Jr Republican
Town Councilman Lewis Grubham Republican
Highway Superintendent John A Finch Jr Republican
Town of Lisle
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Edward V. Gehm Republican
Town Clerk Brenda L. Tillotson Republican
Town Justice Penny Delfavero Republican
Town Justice Steven J. Tillotson Republican
Town Councilman Kay Diekow Republican
Town Councilman Scott Glezen Republican
Town Councilman Steven R. Livingston Republican
Town Councilman Ron Manwaring Republican
Highway Superintendent Mitchel H. Quail Sr Republican
Town of Maine
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor James Tokos Democrat
Town Clerk Nancy Rutkowski Republican
Town Justice Howard G. Dingman Republican
Town Councilman John M. Zunic Democrat
Town Councilman Robert J. Bullock Republican
Town Councilman Roger Congdon Republican
Town Councilman Ernest Palmer Republican
Highway Superintendent Joe Dohnalek Republican
Town of Nanticoke
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Donald Wayne Benjamin Republican
Town Clerk Judith A Petrick Republican
Town Justice William D. Struble Republican
Town Councilman Daniel T. Baker Republican
Town Councilman Kenneth Barlow Republican
Town Councilman Scott J. Whittaker Republican
Town Councilman Ronald G. Zielewicz Republican
Highway Superintendent Jacob H. Slack Republican
Town of Sanford
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Dewey A Decker Republican
Town Clerk Alison M. Lang Republican
Town Justice Gary L. Holdrege Republican
Town Justice Deborah Proffitt-Ditewig Republican
Town Councilman Edwin L. Ditewig Republican
Town Councilman Kenneth B. Shields Republican
Town Councilman David K. Sexton Republican
Town Councilman R. Gordon Tyler Republican
Highway Superintendent Gerald D. Seymour Jr. Republican
Town of Triangle
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Charles Manasse Democrat
Town Clerk Sandra K. Martin Republican
Town Justice John P. Orzel Democrat
Town Councilman Dan Driscoll Democrat
Town Councilman John L. Bennett Republican
Town Councilman Mark A. Mesceda Republican
Town Councilman David Rapp Democrat
Highway Superintendent Dana Madden Republican
Town of Union
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Rose Sotak Republican
Town Clerk Leonard Perfetti Republican
Town Justice Gregory P Thomas Republican
Town Justice Veronica M Gorman Republican
Town Councilman Thomas R Augostini Republican
Town Councilman Frank J Bertoni Jr Republican
Town Councilman Robert Mack Republican
Town Councilman John M. Bernardo Republican
Town of Vestal
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor John Schaffer Democrat
Town Clerk Emil J. Bielecki Republican
Town Justice Michael D. Sherwood Democrat
Town Justice Joseph B. Meagher Republican
Town Councilman Patricia A. Fitzgerald Democrat
Town Councilman Suzanne G. Messina Democrat
Town Councilman John H. Fletcher Democrat
Town Councilman Fran Majewski Republican
Highway Superintendent Rocco Turdo Republican
Receiver of Taxes Debra Wallace Republican
Town of Windsor
Office Currently Held By Party
Town Supervisor Carolyn W. Price Republican
Town Clerk Barbara Rajner Miller Republican
Town Justice Fredric S. Stapleton II Republican
Town Justice Richard R. Blythe Republican
Town Councilman Timothy J. Bates Democrat
Town Councilman Lesa J. Hawk-Shuler Republican
Town Councilman William J. Mcintyre Republican
Town Councilman Gary M. Hupman Republican
Highway Superintendent Rocky Kohlbach Republican

Federal Offices

United States of America
Office Currently Held By Party
President Donald J Trump Republican
Vice President Mike Pence Republican
United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat
United States Senator Charles Schumer Democrat
U.S. Congress, 19th District John J. Faso Republican
U.S. Congress, 22nd District Claudia Tenney Republican

State Offices

State of New York
Office Currently Held By Party
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Democrat
Lieutenant Governor Kathy C. Hochul Democrat
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman Democrat
Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Democrat
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Michael V. Coccoma Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Kevin M. Dowd Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Ferris D. Lebous Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Jeffrey A. Tait Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Molly Fitzgerald Democrat
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Robert C. Mulvey Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Elizabeth Garry Democrat
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Judith O'Shea Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Eugene D. Faughnan Republican
Supreme Court Justice - 6th Phillip R. Rumsey Republican
Senate - 52nd Fred Akshar Republican
Assembly - 122nd Clifford W. Crouch Republican
Assembly - 123rd Donna A. Lupardo Democrat
Assembly - 124th Christopher Friend Republican

County Offices

Broome County
Office Currently Held By Party
County Executive Jason T. Garnar Democrat
County Surrogate Judge David H. Guy Republican
County Sheriff David E. Harder Republican
County Clerk Joseph A. Mihalko Republican
District Attorney Steve Cornwell Republican
Family Court Judge Rita Connerton Democrat
Family Court Judge Spero Pines Democrat
Family Court Judge Richard H. Miller II Republican
Family Court Judge Mark H. Young Republican
County Judge Joseph F. Cawley Jr. Republican
County Judge Kevin P. Dooley Republican
Legislature - District 1 Stephen J. Flagg Republican
Legislature - District 2 Scott D. Baker Republican
Legislature - District 3 Kelly F. Wildoner Republican
Legislature - District 4 Daniel D Reynolds Democrat
Legislature - District 5 Daniel J. Reynolds *Chair Republican
Legislature - District 6 Greg W. Baldwin Republican
Legislature - District 7 Matthew J. Pasquale Republican
Legislature - District 8 Jason E. Shaw Republican
Legislature - District 9 Ronald J. Keibel Republican
Legislature - District 10 Cindy L. O'Brien Republican
Legislature - District 11 Ron Heebner Republican
Legislature - District 12 Michael P. Sopchak Jr. Republican
Legislature - District 13 Bob Weslar Democrat
Legislature - District 14 Mary A. Kaminsky Democrat
Legislature - District 15 Mark Whalen Democrat