Count them all!

One of the questions we have gotten the most so far this election (through our contact forms and emails) is "Are absentees counted?".  There is an internet rumor out there that absentees are only counted in a close race.  

Well, that's just not how it works.  

Every absentee ballot lawfully received by the Board of Elections is counted and absentee totals are added to voting machine totals to come up with the final tally per race.  "Lawfully received" means within the prescribed 

This primary election was unique, due to the last-minute addition of the Republican State Senator primary.  

Normally, we are able to count the absentees in one fell swoop, we scan them through our absentee software, combine the results, and we're able to certify the election.  This time, however, we had to do the absentees in two separate instances - those who had returned ballots with the Senatorial primary and those who had returned the first batch of ballots (with no Senate 52 race on them).  

Luckily, there weren't too many of those to count.  

Overall, the process went fairly smoothly.

The Primary is in the books.  

The General is in 6 weeks.  

Get out there and be heard!


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