Commissioners' Top Ten

This is a compiled list of the Top Ten questions we get asked here at the Board of Elections - recognize any?

Is this election for everybody?


If you are speaking about the November election, known as the General Election, then absolutely.  As long as you are registered to vote you are encouraged to do so!

For primary elections, it depends on if your party has more than one candidate interested in running for a specific office.

Primaries determine who gets to run in November, and are only held if there is a need.

They are really important - and not a lot of people vote in them.

Please click below to check our Event Calendar for a listing of what offices will be running in Primary Elections this year.

BroomeVotes Event Calendar

Where do I go to vote?


Every registered voter is assigned a specific Polling Place at which to vote.  If you aren't sure where that is, please click the link below to visit our Polling Place Locator.

Polling Place Locator

Am I registered to vote?


We can look you up in the system.  We will need to ask you a few questions, or you can check your registration status by clicking the link below.

Check my Registration

I will be out of town on Election Day! What should I do? How can I vote?


Please visit the link below and follow the instructions for Absentee Voting.  Don't worry - we want you to cast your vote!

Absentee Application

I changed my party, why am I still listed as . . .


If you want to change your party affiliation (assuming you are already a registered voter), it will not take effect until after the next scheduled General Election (which happens each November).  

That is a NY State law, designed to protect candidates from unscrupulous voters switching parties just so they can put a particular candidate on the primary ballot, then switch back to their preferred party for the General Election.

My mother moved. Can you take her off the list?


Please send us a note explaining the situation.  Make sure you sign your name and write down your relationship (she's my mother, etc) and we can make the change for you.  If she moves back, we'll need her to re-register again.

I moved. Can I tell you my new address over the phone?


Unfortunately, NY State law requires us to have an original signature (in ink) to make any registration changes.  The easiest way to change any information in the Voter Registration system is to fill out a new Voter Registration Form.  

Please click below to visit our Change Information page.

Change Your Information

Can I vote from my vacation home (in a different county)?


No, you must vote in the county where your primary residence is located.  If you will be away from your primary residence for Election Day, you may fill out an Absentee Application by clicking the link below.

Absentee Application

What is a Primary Election?


A primary is an election that may take place within each of New York State's official political parties. It precedes the general election and provides enrolled political party members the opportunity to nominate their party's candidates for elected office as well as to elect various party officials. However, if there is no contest, there is no primary.

I'm Disabled. Where can I vote?


All poll sites are now accessible to the handicapped.  If you are unable to make it to the poll site, you may also vote by absentee ballot. If you have a long-term or permanent illness or disability, you can apply for a permanent absentee ballot and you will automatically receive one before each primary, special and general election.

I was convicted of a felony. Can I vote?


The short answer is "Maybe."  Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated and on parole. Voting rights are automatically restored when parole has been completed. If you are on probation, you can vote.  Ex-offenders need to re-register to vote once they become eligible again.