Debugging the code

We are getting closer.  Time for initial debugging and testing using third-party applications such as Nibbler and WC3 Validation services.  Cross-browser compatibility and viewport (device) accessibility remain in the forefront of my concerns.

Looks to be a beautiful weekend coming up.


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BroomeVotes, 6-2 through 6-6

This week, we are getting closer to our launch point.  We are going through the site, page by page, to clean up the code and ensure accessibility for all voters.  We continue to develop our result reporting process, exploring Google options as well as Microsoft forms.  Best case scenario is one in which we have a results form which can be easily updated from the RTR reports.  a click of a button will export a formatted HTML snippet to drive the results page on

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This week at

Today we are working on results.  Got the window to show each race result in order, now we need a comprehensive table of results and to find a simple way to easily update those numbers so that they reflect both in the table and the window.

We continue to work towards the Federal Primary.


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Next on the design slate

This week we are working on the results page and notifications.  I would like to build a form with each race into which we can put in the pertinent numbers.  I need to consult with nationbuilder in order to learn to store variables we can then assign to the race at hand, cutting down the posting time to by-the-minute.

The end goal is to be able to export a file from RTR, manipulate it and automatically upload to post.  

Barring that, a results table is the next best thing.

SPD Monday 5/19/14



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It's Showtime!

Today the Board of Elections will be reviewing the new website,

While no modern website is ever truly "finished", we feel that we are very close to a launch point. is a portal for engagement, a hub of information and interest; ever changing.

It is easy to get a person to visit a website once.  We need to engage them and keep them coming back.

To that end, we will employ social media, pictures, video, contests, and other devices to keep the site fresh and alive in the minds of Broome County Voters.


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