It's Primary Day!

Simple and to to the point.

It's Primary Day.

Polls are open from Noon - 9PM today.


If you aren't sure where to vote today, please click into this message to find your polling place.

Thank you! 


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Whirlwind Primary Season

Well, we are in the thick of the craziest primary season we've seen in Broome County in quite a while.  We've got a state-wide gubernatorial race, a county-wide senatorial race (put in at the 11th hour), and a myriad of county legislature and town office races to go with them.

Here's the tale of the tape, broken down by party.

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September Primary Races

Here we are, just 3 weeks to the day from the September Primary.

We have all the races laid out by municipality for you to look over.


Active Races

If you are a registered Democrat, you've got a primary.  If you're a different party, please visit our active races page to see if you will be involved.

In three weeks, get out there and vote!


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Here Comes the Primary!

We are now just about a month away from the September Primary Election, which will determine whose name ends up on the ballot in the November General Election.  

Think of a primary like the TV show Survivor – when voters select their preferred candidate, the rest of the field is voted “Off the Island”.  Although, to be honest, primaries can be a bit less civilized than the “Tribal Council”.

Primary elections are necessary because in most races, where you vote for one candidate, only one person per race per party can appear on the ballot in November.  Often, more than one candidate would like to run for office under a particular political party. Primaries allow the voters to select their representative in the general election in November.

Primary elections originated as a system of checks and balances to ensure the public had a say in their own representatives on the ballots.  The first state-wide primary was held in Minnesota in 1899, while the first presidential primary was held two years later in Florida.  Interestingly enough, to this day, not all states have primary elections at all, preferring to have their candidates selected by delegates at various caucuses and conventions.

We'll get into caucuses another time.


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We're almost there!

Good Morning - sorry for the week off, but we thought you might need a break from all the action over the last few weeks.  Today we will be programming our election data into the computer system, designing our ballots, and preparing for the barrage of mailings and postings that will be necessary over the next few days.  We are less than a month away from our September 9th Primary.  We will have a lengthy post on Friday covering all that will be going on with that Primary.

Have a good week!

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And now, we wait.

Almost all the petitions have now been filed (barring Independent petitions, which are different from Independence petitions, but that's a story for another day).

The next step is for the State Board of Elections to certify the elections.  Once that occurs, we will have a comprehensive listing of all the races for the September Primary, and in elections where there will be no primary, the General Election in November.

Have a great week!

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It's not over yet!

Well, guess what?  More petitions coming your way. New York State created a new Family Court Judge position in Broome County which means there is one more batch of petitions that need to be filed.  The volunteers are going to be back out knocking on doors.  Today is the first day of the petition period, and they need to file between July 21st and 24th with the Board of Elections.

So be kind to the volunteers, set your pen to paper and send them on their way.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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Thanks for visiting us this week

We knew you were all checking out BroomeVotes this week, and we hope you had a good experience.  Please let us know any suggestions you may have for our improvement. 

We will continue to post up-to-date information on this site.  Because we strive to keep the public supplied with fresh information, we may occasionally publish mistaken data.  

If you should see something you feel might be in error, drop us a line at Support Line

Rest assured that we will fix any published errors as soon as possible.  

On the bright side, there are a lot more of you that know about BroomeVotes now.  

Please, tell your friends.

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Filing Petitions

It's an exciting week at the Board of Elections.  

Party volunteers have been out in droves gathering signatures for their preferred candidates, and this is the week that we find out who is running for office.  

You can keep up to date by clicking the "Petitions Filed" button in the right-hand welcome window on

We'll be open 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday - Thursday this week to accept Designating Petitions. 

We'll be here on Friday too - but the window for petitions closes at 5 PM on July 10th.  That's this Thursday!


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Why are there people with clipboards on my porch?

Don't worry.  If they don't have a logo on their shirt from a lawn care or energy company, they are probably there for your signature on a designating petition.  Candidates for office need to file designating petitions in order to appear on the ballot.  Different party lines on the ballot require different numbers of signatures to be valid.  

Here is a rundown of some questions many people have regarding the petitioning process.

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