Halfway through Petition Season

Here we are, on June 16th, just about halfway through Petition Season.  You may have been visited by now by friendly volunteers carrying clipboards and asking you to help their candidates get on the ballot.

Please remember that to sign is not to pledge a vote, and that the petitioners are volunteers out beating the pavement for their candidates.  If you don't want to sign, you don't have to.   Please be polite to these civic-minded people.  

Without these petition signatures, candidates can't get on the ballot for you to vote in or out.

We've got just a couple more weeks of the season left, as petitions must be turned in between July 6th and 9th this year.

So please be kind, sign if you wish or decline politely.  The volunteers mean you no harm. 

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2015 Political Calendar

We've got a political calendar!  It was signed into law last evening, and sent around this morning.  

Here is the pdf:  Political Calendar 2015

Click below for some of the Highlights of the 2015 Political Calendar

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Springtime is Here!

The long cold winter has finally passed and the leaves and flowering trees are flourishing.  

We can enjoy the cool of the evenings as we sit on our porches for now, unmolested by hordes of uninvited visitors buzzing around and bothering us in our homes.

But soon it will be June again, and they will appear, clipboards in hand, asking us to sign petitions for our local candidates to appear on the ballot this fall.  

Let's talk about why this, and they, are so important.

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Primary Date to be Sept 10th, 2015

By the time you read this, it may be official.  However as I write this post, the bill declaring Sept 10th, 2015 to be the date of the 2015 Primary Election is in the hands of the State Senate.

We are 99% sure that is going to be the date, and were I Wolf Blitzer on CNN I would probably stick a green checkmark on the calendar for Sept 10th, 2015.

So you know what that means!  On to Petition Season!  Stay tuned for a blog post about Petition requirements coming up this Friday!


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There's a New Ballot Order in NY State This Year

This week is the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby.

In honor of that race, I thought we could talk about the new Ballot Order in New York State.

As you may already be aware, here in New York State candidates are allowed to run on multiple party lines, with all the votes being tallied at the end of the election cycle.  

But how do we decide what parties get entered into the field (on the ballot) automatically? And which party gets the #1 position (top of the ballot)?


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Ryan Reynolds is the new Mayor of Whitney Point

Ryan Reynolds is the new Mayor of Whitney Point, winning by a 10 vote margin over Jason Somers, 83 - 73.

After a recount was called in the Mayoral election last week, the Broome County Board of Elections came in this morning to conduct it.  Two teams counted the ballots, and each had their count verified by the other team.  It was determined that Mr. Reynolds was indeed the winner.

Commissioner John Perticone and Deputy Commissioner Karen Davis oversaw the recount.


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Community Engagement Awards



Yesterday, the Board of Elections was invited to Binghamton University's "Engaged Binghamton" summit so that Republican Commissioner Bob Nielsen and Democratic Deputy Commissioner Mariliz Pines could be recognized for their Community Engagement efforts with Binghamton University.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought we'd visit Ireland and the way they run their popular elections.

The primary difference in voting (we won't get that deeply into governmental design) is that Irish elections are conducted with a ranking system as opposed to our 'vote for one' system.  An Irish ballot lists candidates and the voter ranks them in order of preference, using the number 1 for favorite, on down to the number of candidates in the race.

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Let's Talk About Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement sounds official.
It sounds painful, and academic.
It sounds like homework.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Civic Engagement means getting involved.
It means helping, and sharing.
It means taking a stand for what you believe.

When you engage yourself, you recharge your civic batteries.  You are a positive member of society, not a negative drain.

There are 4 main types of personalities when we talk about Civic Engagement. 

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Visual Election Results

I am a numbers guy.  I like to play with them in spreadsheets and databases.

That said, it is always great to see data transformed from columns and rows into graphical representations.  This morning we received a link from Doug English, the Broome County GIS Administrator, which shows Election Results from selected races from this past General Election and others, going back to 2004.

Selected Election Result Maps

Please click on the Election Results tab (on the far right) to see the maps that Doug has created over the years.


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