The Day After

Well, we made it through the Presidential Primary.

It was great to see so many of you take an interest and carry the flag for your chosen candidate.

The energy and excitement was palpable. We could feel the tension in the air and hear it in your voices.

Please don't let it die.

Up next we have the Federal Primary in June, in which we vote for U.S. Senators and Members of Congress.

After that we have the state and local primary in September, where we vote for State, County, Town and Village officials.

Local votes have local impact.

Local elected officials matter the most to our daily lives.

These are people you can meet and get to know. Hands you can shake, work with, sweat beside to get things done in our own communities.

They are not political celebrities, and (most of them) can't rally 5000 people to the Arena or the Events Center at Binghamton University.

They are hardworking public servants.

They need our support and volunteerism more than the Presidential candidates did.

Please don't let your fire go out.

Stay involved.

Be Local.


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New York Presidential Primary Information

Everything you need to know about this year’s New York presidential primary election:

The Democratic and Republican Party Presidential Primaries will both be held on Tuesday, April 19th in New York State. Only registered Democrats and Republicans are eligible to vote in this Primary. 

Registered voters who are not enrolled in any party cannot vote in the presidential primary in New York. Today is the last day New Yorkers can mail in a registration form to vote in the presidential primary or register in person at a county board of elections office. 

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Super Tuesday 2016

Today is Super Tuesday - the day when 16 primaries and caucuses are held across all states and territories of the United States.  The Democratic nominee may begin to emerge, or perhaps the Republican race tightens up.  Here in New York, we can only sit back and watch.   On April 19th, we will be the 55th of 75 primaries and caucuses throughout the season.

Please click into this post to see a graphic of primaries/caucuses and their timeline.

To quote Terrell Owens, former NFL player - "Get your popcorn ready . . . ".



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Presidential Primary Season is Here!

The Presidential Primary season is upon us.  In less than a week, we will get the first trickles of results coming in from around the country.  Up first will be the Iowa Caucus, followed by New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina primaries before March 1st, when the landscape will truly begin to take shape.  The Presidential Primary in New York will be held on April 19th.


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2015 Election Maps

The terrific GIS Team in Broome County has analyzed and created maps for the State Senate Special Election and the 2015 District Attorney Races.  

They can be found by clicking the following link and selecting the Election Results tab:

Election Results Maps

Have a great week!


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Happy Thanksgiving! Election results are now Official!

The Broome County Board of Elections would like to wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!  We will be out of the office beginning Wednesday, 11/25 at 3 PM until Monday, 11/30 at 8:30 AM.  

Our Election Results from 2015 are now official and posted above.  Congratulations to all our newly elected officials.

Drive safely and be well.

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County-Wide Election Night Results

Here's a breakdown of the County-Wide Election Night Results.  These results are unofficial - we will not be able to certify this election until after November 17th, when we will be finished receiving military ballots.


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It's Election Day!

Please, go vote.   And don't forget to take a selfie and post it to facebook or twitter with the hashtag #bvelectionselfie!

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Last Day to Register to Vote for November 3rd

It is an exciting day today at the Board.  Lots of things are happening.  We're stuffing absentee ballots (which came in this morning, about 97 cartons worth) and getting last minute registrations pumped into the system.  Today is the last day to register for the November 3rd General Election, so make sure you get those forms in to us.  

You can check your registration status here, and download new registration forms here.

Have a great weekend!

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2015 Primary

The Broome County Board of Elections would like to thank the Election Inspectors, Coordinators, and office staff for their hard work during yesterday's Primary.  No matter the size of the election, the work must be done, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Thank you!

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