Here are the races for 2017

Candidates will be added after petitioning and primaries.

Click a municipality to see who will appear on the ballot on various party lines:
Democratic Party (DEM), Republican Party (REP), Conservative Party (CON), Green Party (GRN),
Independence Party (IND), Working Families Party (WOR), Women's Equality Party (WEP),
Reform Party (REF), and Independent / Other Parties.

New York State
Supreme Court Justice, District 6 1
Broome County
Broome County Clerk 1
Broome County Judge 1
City of Binghamton
City of Binghamton Mayor 1
Town of Binghamton
Binghamton, Clerk Unexpired 1
Town of Chenango
Chenango, Clerk Unexpired 1
Town of Colesville
Colesville, Town Justice 1
Town of Dickinson
Dickinson, Town Justice 1
Town of Fenton
Fenton, Town Justice 1
Town of Maine
Maine, Town Justice 1
Town of Sanford
Sanford, Town Justice 1
Town of Triangle
Triangle, Town Justice 1
Town of Union
Union, Town Justice 1
Town of Vestal
Vestal, Town Justice 1
Vestal, Councilman 2
Vestal, Superintendent of Hwys 1
Vestal, Receiver of Taxes 1
Town of Windsor
Windsor, Justice 1
Village of Endicott
Village of Endicott, Trustee 2
Village of Johnson City
Village of Johnson City, Mayor 1
Village of Johnson City, Trustee 2
Village of Port Dickinson
Village of Port Dickinson, Trustee 2
Village of Windsor
Village of Windsor, Trustee 2

* Independent refers to ALL candidate filings without major party endorsement.
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