Can't make it to your polling place on Election Day?

Here's how to Register for Absentee Voting:

Step 1:

Click the button below to download and print the
Broome County Absentee Ballot Application.

Step 2:

Complete Section A - Fill in your election request, name and address.

Name and Address

Step 3:

Complete Section B, C, or D, selecting the reason you wish to receive an Absentee Ballot.

Reasons Why

Step 4:

Don't forget to sign and date the form!

Sign and Date

Step 5:

All that's left is to turn it in!

Turn It In

Please mail your completed form to:

Broome County Board of Elections
PO Box 1766
Binghamton, NY 13902

You may also bring it in person to the Board, on the 2nd floor of the
Broome County Office Building, 60 Hawley St, Binghamton, NY.