2017 Annual Board of Election Meeting

The Annual Board of Elections meeting took place on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 10:30am.  Each year, the Board meets to do some housekeeping procedures.   During this meeting, members discussed:  

  • The past and current budget.  
  • Plans to streamline this website.  
  • Capital plans to replace our voting machines.  
  • New ideas were formulated for poll inspector recruitment.  
  • Enhanced student and voter information through social media.  
  • Plus, we elected a new President and Secretary of the Board. 



Oliver Blaise was selected to serve as President and Philip Grommet as Secretary for 2017.  The Board also has chosen to make quarterly meetings a part of their agenda going forward.  


The next public business meeting will be Wednesday, June 7th at 10am in the BOE's 2nd floor Auditorium.