2015 Signature Requirements For Designating Petitions
Office / DistrictDemocraticRepublicanConservativeGreenWorking FamiliesIndependenceIndependent
Rep. in Congress 191,2501,250SB*SB*SB*SB*3,500
Rep. in Congress 221,2501,250SB*SB*SB*SB*3,500
State Senator 521,0001,000SB*SB*SB*SB*3,000
Assembly 122500500SB*SB*SB*SB*1,500
Assembly 1235005004413201881,500
Assembly 124500500SB*SB*SB*SB*1,500
State Committee, Assembly 122 (BC portion)500500N/ASB*SB*N/AN/A
State Committee, Assembly 123 (BC portion)500500N/ASB*SB*N/AN/A
State Committee, Assembly 124 (BC portion)5273N/ASB*SB*N/AN/A
State Committee, Senatorial 52N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A305N/A
State Committee, Congressional 19N/AN/ASB*N/AN/AN/AN/A
State Committee, Congressional 22N/AN/ASB*N/AN/AN/AN/A
Broome County (county-wide)1,0001,0007718303051,500
Broome County Legislature 110716972321170
Broome County Legislature 29917261222175
Broome County Legislature 313216572224208
Broome County Legislature 41147621116103
Broome County Legislature 512618062223225
Broome County Legislature 613714261221183
Broome County Legislature 714413262221163
Broome County Legislature 817417472226235
Broome County Legislature 99516871322173
Broome County Legislature 1013618361222208
Broome County Legislature 1114310942319165
Broome County Legislature 1215014561223187
Broome County Legislature 131296443315115
Broome County Legislature 141356841418113
Broome County Legislature 1517110552319186
City of Binghamton (city-wide) 5002871361061499
City of Binghamton Council 16531212952
City of Binghamton Council 2986432213116
City of Binghamton Council 35930222657
City of Binghamton Council 46428212847
City of Binghamton Council 57956311980
City of Binghamton Council 67037212960
City of Binghamton Council 769453121072
Town of Barker2036211537
Town of Binghamton57673111187
Town of Chenango11716151220183
Town of Colesville3271312861
Town of Conklin49683121079
Town of Dickinson57503111065
Town of Fenton63893111197
Town of Kirkwood5175311978
Town of Lisle1640211531
Town of Maine52734121192
Town of Nanticoke1120211316
Town of Sanford1637111534
Town of Triangle2336211640
Town of Union500500225885758
Town of Vestal267286103242369
Town of Windsor49823111185
Village of Endicott1289452218125
Village of Johnson City15513162320180
Village of Port Dickinson2018111321
Village of Windsor812101314