2015 Political Calendar

We've got a political calendar!  It was signed into law last evening, and sent around this morning.  

Here is the pdf:  Political Calendar 2015

Click below for some of the Highlights of the 2015 Political Calendar

Election Dates

Sept 10:  Primary Election

Nov 3: General Election

Becoming a Candidate

June 2: First Day to Pass Designating Petitions

June 23: First Day for signing Opportunity to Ballot Petitions

July 6 - 9:  Designating Petition Filing Dates

July 7: First day to sign Independent Petitions (Not Independence Party)

July 16: Last Day to File OTB Petitions.

Aug 11-18: Independent Petition Filing Dates


Voter Registration

Aug 14: Last day to Register for Primary (In-Person)

Aug 15: Last day for Board of Elections to receive mailed Primary Registration

Aug 21: Last day to process Change of Address for Primary Election


Dates for Filing Financial Disclosure

Primary Election

Aug 10:  32-Day Pre-Primary 

Aug 31:  11-Day Pre-Primary

Sept 21: 10-Day Post-Primary

Aug 27 - Sept 9:  24 Hour Notice

General Election

Oct 2:  32-Day Pre-General

Oct 23:  11-Day Pre-General

Nov 30: 27-Day Post-General

Oct 19 - Nov 2:  24 Hour Notice